Explore, Play & Learn

Pirate Ship

Ahoy! This is the captain gathering all onboard! Stand by at the water guns or take the slide down to your position. It's going to be a wet and wild adventure.


Curiosity Island

Let's explore, observe and learn! You can wriggle your little green fingers and grow some plants, make friends with the little animals or discover little wonders!


Celebration Island

Whether it's a birthday, or any other occasion, there's always a reason to celebrate at Celebration Island!


The Deck

Blue sky, green grass, big pirate ship. The Picnic Area's the place for a scenic picnic!


Hatch Patch

Tiny tots can roam freely at the Hatch Patch!

Curio Coins

Curios are the way to pay when it comes to your little curious ones! So parents, time to step aside and let your kids manage their finances for a change! Use Curios to pay for an activity at the Port of Lost Wonder or for a surprise snack! But be sure to listen out for the bell!!

Where To Get

Curio coins are presented upon admission but if you need more, not to worry! They can be purchased at our retail store, Just Wonder!

Map For POLW
Map For POLW
Port Pass

What better way to track treasured experiences, and reap rewards with them, than with a Port Pass? The more adventures, the more stamps collected, and the more rewards! So don’t leave home without your Port Pass!

Rules & Safety Tips

Water play area is suited for children under the age of 12 years old

Appropriate swimwear and swimming diapers to be worn in the water play area

No footwear allowed within the water play area

No outside food and drinks allowed

Remember to apply sunblock to protect yourself from the UV rays

Mind your P's And Q's

Play Safe

Our Wonder Crew is always on the lookout for the safety of little mateys, but please take care of your kids.

Potty matters

The Pirate Ship is only for play – if your little ones need to pee or poo, please bring them to Nauti-Potty for the loo!

Please dress your tots in swimming diapers before entering the water play area – if someone made a boo-boo in the water, we will have to close the Pirate Ship for cleaning – and that’s just not fun for anyone!


At Port of Lost Wonder, kids rule! Let your little ones indulge in moments of independence and let them queue up for their favourite activities. Sorry, big mateys have to wait on the side!

Please play nice – no jumping of queues or pushing please.


This is how we keep our decks clean and safe!

  • Like swimming pools, the Pirate Ship has an awesome system that filters the water and treats it with chlorine to keep bacteria and germs at bay!
  • The water is replaced and tested regularly! Water samples from the Pirate Ship are tested weekly to meet the National Environment Agency’s code of practice for swimming pools!
  • The Pirate Ship is closed once a monthly for super thorough cleaning and maintenance!
  • Counter and other touch points are sanitised twice daily to keep fun-busters like germs and bacteria far, far away!
  • All play equipment is professionally installed and maintained by the crew regularly.